wow do i have an update for you

hello! i'm back for yet another thrilling blog entry!
this past week has gone by very slowly. its like i was counting the 3600 seconds in every passing hour for the ENTIRE WEEK. last week however, was fairly fun. being that it was school break and all. i was in victoria, and im pretty sure i will have to live there at some point in my life. also, in another major life choice, i have decided that the city i will live in after university must contain a parliament building. parliament cities, as they shall now be referred to, (instead of this "capital" city buisness.) are where it is AT! there is something just a little more regal about a city containing parliament buildings, with the exception of regina.
but anyways, back to this week. terrible! thats all there is to describe it! it started off with poster painting in the furnace that is the SRC room and finished off with cleaning up dishes to signal the end of "french culture week"....thank god. so the bright side to the end of this week, it marks the end of my SRC-filled-february. in which i volunteered for every src related event that occured.
the down side of the end of this week was that i had a quite mindblowing lunch hour, and not in the good way.
first of all let me start off with the part where i am cutting up two bricks up cheese with an apparent "improperly fitting knife" until i get a small blister on my red, over-worked cube cutting hands. then, swiftly we move to serving the cheese to the ungrateful younger grades. somehow, and i dont know how, i find myself in the shop hallway, and in an even more bizarre twist...in a shop class itself! not since grade nine have i graced the autobody shop. today was just as unpleasant as then. after these ugly grade 11 boys rejected our simple culture week offer, i commented on the smell of nail polish, and naive as i am, asked if these boys were in fact painting their cars with nail polish. the response i got? "i hope you die." oh ya? well...j'espere tu vas mourir....um, as well.
then? where could the cheese adventures possible take us next? i'll tell you where. THE HORRIFIC STUDENT LOUNGE. where, instead of ugly grade 11 boys painting cars with nail polish, i encounter even uglier, greasier kids of all grades massaging each other. like all of them had their hands on each other at the same time. it was DISGUSTING, seriously, i wanted to vomit. i didnt think that anything could top the really smelly kid that comes by my locker and hugs all the gross girls that congregate by there. (and then when he leaves, the smell somehow remains, it defies science.) but that daily ritual has definately met its match. nothing worse than the student lounge. in the entire school, you can hold me to that.


Monday's suck.

espeically after a two and a half week long break. but doesnt it feel like we just left on friday and had a weekend? i totally forget half of the stuff i did during the break. no, not because you think im an alcoholic. its because i happen to have a bad memory of things that i guess happened a relatively short time ago. arent you excited for when im like eighty years old?
so why did i come back? well yes i was "creeped out" when people i didnt know about were reading my blog. and sorry i didnt tell you about my one, insignicant return to blogging. but this time i think i am going to try and things confidential, i guess, maybe even make up names for people. like "she" or "her" for any girl i'm talking about. so anyways. what about that break. overall, i would classify it under the "nothing special" category. nothing heartwrenchingly awful, but nothing unbelieveably great either. i have to say there was one very fabulous girls night, definite highlight. one great night involving chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (only took three stores before we could find the appropriate selection of ben and jerry's) and two very chick flicky movies, (saved, when harry met sally)
just in case you didn't already know, cheese pleasers are probably the best snack involving cheese dust that exists out there. you know, just in case i haven't told you that already.
im getting that feeling, the thing i get when i spend too much time at home, working and such, the feeling where i want to leave the city and go somewhere even if its just for like 30 minutes. i dont know though, my january looks sort of crazy so far, but i promise you, whoever may be reading this right now, that i will go somewhere, someday, soon. probably january 30th actually. watch out.
speaking of going places, guess what time it is?? grad dress shopping...fantastic. very excited about starting that. i think it will take a lot of time and effort, well probably not, but i can pretend. im also going to holt renfrew just to try on dresses that probably cost more than my university tuition for the first year or two. just to try them on....
yay grad. be excited.


actually, i'm back.

why, hello!
how upsetting that my entire blog was deleted. i know that i only have one person to be upset with and that person is moi. but still, it's rather depressing isn't it? a lot of memories, like that time i emailed aldo. oh aldo, that stupid guy telling me that there one pair of my shoes were sold out all over canada and possibly the world, i dont know. i still don't believe him.
whats new...hmm well you know what im suppose to be doing right now is learning hyperbolas. i could say studying, but the truth is i never really knew much about them in the first place. so states the 2/8 on the hyperbola question on the quiz.
okay side story, the phone just rang downstairs and my little brother walked over to it and stared at it. i was like "umm are you going to answer that...?" yeah, quite the kid.
oh and what about biology these days! i havent really paid much attention in that class since i got back from ottawa like two weeks ago or something. so that sort of sucks, doesnt it?
christmas banquet was a success, i thought. i notice that when people get dressed up they behave. i got my pictures back already, and i forgot that i was in like every single one of them, practically. so if anyone wants to see an entire roll of film featuring yours truly, you know who to ask!
im very excited about christmas this year, i think its going to be super fun. okay wait, today i talked to this like sixty year old man on the phone and he said "super" like three times. in one call! it was fantastic.
so anyways, i really do have work to do....so...merry christmas!! start planning new years!